tostopawarfilm will be a documentary film that describes and celebrates the activities of brave people trying to stop Syria’s war.

It will document experts discussing theories of peace. It will document people putting these theories into practice.

It will travel to Syria, Iraq, Lebanon, Jordan, Turkey, America, Israel, Iran and the UK.

To be a part submit your video to:
Site: tostopawar on Vimeo
Username: tostopawar
Password: submit101

The film’s path has been as unsteady as that of peace. The declaration by Syrian Intelligence that foreign correspondents within Syria would be shot as if caught in the crossfire (as befell the inspirational Marie Colvin and Remi Ochlik) combined with the Al-Qaida in the Levant and ISIS’s decision to kill or take Westerners hostage has made Syria the least hospitable place on earth. However, we’ve been building up footage and tostopawarfilm will be in production as long as there are heroes and villains out there.

The first taste of tostopawarfilm was the following teaser for Channel 4’s Unreported World. But even this had to be censored hugely on account of the dangers involved for the principle participant. The first chapter was to follow the heroic work of Amr who toils alone teaching the peaceful Brazilian dance of Capoeira to children in Raqqa for one or our partner charities Bidna Capoeira. Please email me at for details and for the password.


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