COMMENDABLE AIMS: This blog will, quite simply, discuss possible ways to stop the war in Syria. It comes not from any overt political position. It is neither pro rebel nor anti regime. It attempts, instead, to be anti war. This is, of course, an impossibility.

Bias will unfortunately attack the very borders of any discussion – hoping to infect and negate the analysis. Regardless, the stated intent of tostopawar remains the same – that the violence against the people of Syria must be halted.

This refers as much to ISIS (IS, ISI, ISIL, or whatever the current permutation of their name) as it does to the wardogs of the Assad regime.

By using examples from history, by seeking counsel from world experts, by analysing contemporary policy positions tostopawar will blunder through the bloody mess that is modern day Syria to try reach solid conclusions about how to:

1) immediately halt all military activity

2) create a road map for possible reconciliation

3) suggest ways in which Syria might rebuild its reputation

As such – any option is on the table. It has become increasingly obvious that President Obama is shying away from his role as head of a global police force. American is now an isolationist tortoise rather than the intrepid but clumsy bald eagle of old.

There is no help coming from Syria other than that offered by us, the global community.

tostopawar is as likely to discuss no fly zones as attempts to rebuild civil society. It is as likely to talk to civil servants as to Syrian activists and fighters.

tostopawar reserves the right to be contentious and unpleasant. It will occasionally, no doubt, border on libel. But against the backdrop of a grinding war of attrition such concerns seem trivial.

The writer of tostopawar is not an academic. But he is concerned. Nor is he linked to or does he represent the opinions of any one organisation. Authors are free to express their own opinions as long as they are neither racist nor threatening.

My name is Rob Sixsmith and, though that is not hugely relevant, an overview on my own background will be posted immediately following. I will also include 5 Talking Points as to possible ways tostopawar – merely to start the conversation.

But for now, suffice it to say – please join the discussion and help remind the global community that they have moral and practical reasons tostopawar in Syria.


[All images and content copyright tostopawar.com, rob sixsmith 2014]

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